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Take a trek around the Kumbarahalli Estate through some of the most scenic spots in Karnataka. Sakaleshpur and Coorg has become a destination for avid trekkers. The Swarga resort organises treks on special request at a nominal charge. There are water cascades, mountain springs, natural rockslides and a rivulet at the base of the camp. Please make a request at the time of booking if you wish to trek or you can even trek through Kumbarahalli Estate and scale a series of hilltops. If you are not too eager on a long trek, do some short nature walks instead.

Throw a lure, catch a fish at the lake. In addition to the Spice Tour and Trekking, special Camp activities along with lakeside bonfire in the evenings are also available for the guests.

A walk through the Coffee Plantation is an experience in itself. A coffee plantation usually combines coffee with pepper, cardamom, oranges and a variety of species of plants.

Take a walk in some of the best-maintained plantations. Have a cup of coffee with a planter and get a feel of the lives of Kumbarahalli's finest planters. Maybe, if they make a friend of you, you might even get to take a peek at their fascinating homes.

On first sight it seems coffee is the only crop at Kumbarahalli estate. But there are several other crops including cardamom, strawberry and several rare fruits. There are also several locations in Sakleshpur that are not actively promoted as tourist spots. Having an insider friend at places like Swarga resorts helps, because we were able to see places that will otherwise be shut before us and enjoy doing things about which we are completely ignorant.

On your trip don't forget to take some time off for cardamom plantation, right at the harvesting days. The women who were at work at the cardamom plantation will help you how to identify ripe and unripe fruits and methods of collecting them. The inflorescence appears towards the base of the plants and one has to sit down to collect the fruits.

Though not a highly skilled of challenging task, being able to actually collect 'queen of spices' is a real experience that a visitor like you would never forget

The most important activity here is the "Catch & Release" method of fishing or angling. Even if you are not an expert, try your hand at fishing guided by our staff.


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