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Is the gently flowing Hemavathy River winds its way through the hillocks, with lush green coffee plantations like a carpet on the seemingly endless plains of the Western Ghats Range.Perched atop these gentle slopes is Swarga, tucked away from anything that resembles modern civilization. Time stands still here; leaving you breathless and in awe of this little pocket of paradise. Colorful flowerbeds merge to form a multi-coloured quilt around the cottages.The cottages are infused with design touches hinting to the 5 elements of nature, Chandra, Surya, Prithvi, Jala and Vayu.Located just 25 Kms from Sakleshpur and 250 Kms from Bangalore, Karnataka, Swarga offers hospitable service and complete privacy for a memorable stay and the utmost in soothing relaxation.

During the monsoon months of June, July and August the river runs in all its glory and the forest is beautiful and lush. After the monsoons the water starts to recede to reveal wide sand banks where you can lay back and rejuvenate yourself. The weather is cool and pleasant between the months of September and February and is the best time to visit. This time of the year is also ideal for bird watchers. Birds that frequent this area are river terns, fishing eagles, king fishers and many more. Summers are from March to June and are generally warm, especially in the afternoons.

Season Min Max Clothing
(Oct to Jan)
14 C 26 C Thick Cotton Light Wool & Sneakers
(Feb to Jun)
20 C 32 C Light Cotton & Sneakers
(Jul to Sep)
18 C 30 C Umbrella, Rain coat & Sneakers


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